Walmir Coutinho.

No statistical imputation was performed for lacking data. Results Subjects A complete of 9804 of the 10,744 subjects completed the lead-in period, were assigned to an organization randomly, and were given a report drug; 4906 subjects were given sibutramine, and 4898 placebo . The mean age of the topics was 63.2 years . At baseline, demographic and other features were generally similar between your sibutramine and placebo groupings and among the cardiovascular-risk groups .The median age at diagnosis of overt celiac disease was 26 months in group A and 34 months in group B . There was a significantly greater prevalence of celiac disease autoimmunity in group A than in group B at 2 years old , and the difference had resolved by 5 years . In kids with high-risk HLA alleles, the prevalence of celiac disease autoimmunity was better in group A than in group B at all ages, but the difference was not significant . The clinical characteristics of children with and those without celiac disease are shown in Table 2Table 2Features of Kids with Celiac Disease Autoimmunity, Those with Overt Celiac Disease, and Those without Celiac Disease.