Trauma and spine patients.

It’s ‘smart’ technology – it’s ‘smart’ care. ‘Wise’ Technology: Various technological elements work together to equip Sacred Heart Hospital neurosurgeons with the highest degree of precision and precision for removal of mind and spine tumors. One distinguishing part of the Wise OR is that the iMRI technology movements to and from the individual – helping keep them still, lessening the chance of complications that may occur with movement. Up-to-the-second imagery is available during surgery to help assure tumors are removed, before the individual ever leaves the operating table.The safety assessment included a review of the incidence of treatment-emergent adverse events in each study group, physical examination, and laboratory measurements. A strict protocol was established for the administration of hematologic events . Statistical Evaluation We determined that 1290 patients were necessary to provide a power of 90 percent to detect a clinically meaningful relative reduced amount of 25 percent in the relapse rate in the cladribine groupings, as compared with the placebo group, at 96 weeks .