The proposed Pioneer Award funds scientists with creative ideas contact.

The proposed Pioneer Award funds scientists with creative ideas, new approaches to major challenges in biomedical research. Ben Barres, a professor of neurobiology and developmental biology at Stanford, served on the team that reviewed award applications and met with finalists this year as well as last year . Barres welcomed the philosophy of Pioneer process contact . ‘NIH says, ‘ Tell us in five pages, what would you do if you all something wanted – no holds barred, no strings attached Tell us the most high-risk, high-impact project that you can imagine. And we will allow it it ‘, ‘he said gives it to. ‘can introduce some of the most creative science. ‘.

Ortec Announces Positive Results in Confirmatory leg ulcer trialOrtec International, , a company focused on the development of regenerative medicine through the development of mobile technology and advanced biomaterial products focused, today announced that a preliminary review of the unaudited data from all patients treated shows in his recently completed confirming study Orcel healed wounds and achieved 100 percent wound closure of these wounds faster than the control group. Statistical significance for the primary clinical endpoints of incidence of patients achieving 100 percent wound closure as well as the acceleration of wound healing with the Orcel – treated patients achieved as early as in the third week and was from week five to week eleven with cultivated the statistical approach required and and Drug Administration and Drug Administration .

ACNM urges midwifery advocates effort to improve access to midwifes for supports Congress is considering which midwifery Care Access and reimbursement of Equity Act of 2007.507 / HR864) the improving to a result compensation on midwives would. Attend In many of State, CNMs and CM non home birth no without written agreement with a physician. Many hospitals do restrictive rules, services that that it difficult practicing midwife. We can not all filmmakers, chaplain quips But when we minority which minority who baby is born baby into the world with a of the support out of a midwife, we ,, as we distribute our story encouraged to. This landmark law contribution to the development new drugs and biologicals on rare and frequent untreated diseases that by awarding seven years ago market exclusivity for in to the developer of a new treatment for an illness than 200,000 people are than 200,000 people are involved in the U.S. – Today we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Orphan Drug Act can. The law living a vast increase of the number from treatments are available of the more than 25 million Americans out a the 7,000 approved rare disease and contributed significantly on growth of the biotechnology industries. the biotech industry has to be taken past financial risks in order to develop treatments and cures to serve small patient populations of rare, terrible illness. The Orphan Drug Act founder of some necessary safeguard, 27-30 the necessary investments for research and development of groundbreaking technology .