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But creativity is only part of the story. The DJSI also helps us to create advances when it comes to becoming more eco-efficient, improving the safety of our products, attracting and retaining talent and improving relationships with our customers. The benefits of dealing with customers are typified by the business &rsquo closely;s cooperation with passenger ferry operator Baleària, which involves supplying sustainable coatings from AkzoNobel’s Intersleek range that prevent marine organisms from sticking to a ship’s hull – helping them to visit more smoothly, use less gasoline and produce much less emissions.Accelrys Discovery Studio provides extensive simulation and modeling features for computational chemists, computational biologists and other scientists engaged in little molecule and biotherapeutics-based research. Accelrys Materials Studio brings a thorough set of validated materials modeling and simulation methods to scientists working in chemicals and materials R&D, as well as drug development. Materials Studio offers user-friendly usage of a complete range of scientific capabilities for modeling crystal framework and crystallization processes; for house prediction for molecules, polymers, catalysts and other components; and for the advancement of structure-activity relationships..