So folks are still coming.

Aid groups react to escalating violence in Cote d’Ivoire ‘Aid organizations are warning of an impending humanitarian crisis for tens of thousands of refugees who have found its way to Liberia after fleeing violence’ in Cote d’Ivoire, CNN reviews. ‘The borders between Liberia and Ivory Coastline are so porous and the Liberian authorities are not denying gain access to for Ivoirians, so folks are still coming,’ Sletten said. Certainly, the needs are tremendous . Access to potable drinking water remains very difficult and also to latrines.

Determination to have a stance against GMOs, despite oddsStill, the battle persists, with many people determined to take a stance against GMOs with regards to requiring GMO identification on food labeling. Regrettably, Colorado and Oregon possess recently joined up with Washington and California as claims where the effort didn’t pass, likely related to the mere $896,000 elevated by labeling advocates in Colorado compared to the deeper pockets of the $16.7 million spent by food and biotech companies who stand on the opposite side of the fence. George Kimbrell, a senior attorney at the guts for Food Safety, explains that the labeling loss in these areas is likely because of the fact that ‘chemical substance companies and their allies smashed spending records in these states.’ However, he remains optimistic that strides against GMOs continue to be made adding, ‘This is a social movement that’s gaining power, as people are more alert to how their food is produced.’..