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It drew on the STAMP concept also, published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing in 2007, which covers eye and staring contact, volume and tone of voice, anxiety, mumbling and pacing. Nurses who acquired undergone a training course used of the tool collected the data from patients admitted to six different medical-surgical units. Further research are now needed to see whether the usage of the ABRAT can actually reduce violence in clinical settings.That compares with 104.2 % for prescription medications, 82.8 % for doctor and clinical services, 82.5 % for hospital care, and 82.7 % for total national health expenditures, over the same period, The Christian Science Monitor reports. But 10-year averages do not capture the sharp increases customers have seen from businesses such as Anthem Blue Cross in California, which announced raises of 39 % recently. Obama and Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill have seized on this announcement as Exhibit A for why Congress needs to act . The Roanoke Times: Health insurance rates for individual plans offered by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Virginia possess increased as much as 20.5 % within days gone by six months, with an increase of increases planned for April .