Melanie Keats is convinced that being a fit and dynamic person is what saved her life.

Worse, she learned that she might not live to celebrate her 14th birthday. Dr. Keats was facing a hardcore road of medical procedures, radiation treatment and physical therapy. But six months after challenging tumor debulking surgery, she again was understanding how to walk. Before long, she was jumping and running and back trying to maintain with her older brother. ‘I proceeded to go into my surgery being very, very energetic,’ says Dr. Keats, 38, associate professor in the Department of Health and Human Efficiency at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. ‘I am convinced that’s the reason that I am as strong and as healthful as I am now.‘Enhancing the capability to diagnose TB in kids is essential. The scientific understanding to be gained from this trial will help in global attempts while easing the struggling of children right now in Cambodia out of this curable disease,’ says Anne Goldfeld, co-founder of professor and CHC of medicine at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health. One out of every three people world-wide is infected with TB. In 2007 more than nine million people became sick with energetic TB disease and nearly 2 million people passed away of the condition. Co-infection with HIV and the development of difficult-to-treat drug-resistant forms of TB have worsened the epidemic and increased calls for new TB vaccines. Cambodia is ranked by the Globe Health Firm as among the 22 countries with the best burden of tuberculosis.