In a study published online today in the worldwide journal Addiction.

Alcohol trade associations like the Distilled Spirits Council of america have developed self-regulation codes that specify inappropriate marketing practices, such as a guideline forbidding marketing to viewers below legal drinking age. However, because rap music is usually popular among high school students, the authors suggest that advertising promotions that focus on rap artists aren’t consistent with the alcohol industry’s stated intent in order to avoid advertising to underage drinkers.. Alcoholic beverages brand references in popular music associated with luxury lifestyle Is the alcohol industry profiting from underage drinking?In a study published online today in the worldwide journal Addiction, experts at the University of Pittsburgh reported that the common US adolescent is heavily exposed to alcohol brand references in popular music.In the absence of genetic testing, a new baby with a normal physical examination was considered to be euploid. The outcomes for women who experienced a miscarriage, chose to terminate the being pregnant, or had a stillbirth were included only if confirmatory genetic testing was performed; those without genetic analysis were excluded. In a blinded style, the initial and last authors examined medical records of all neonates with congenital anomalies and excluded those with phenotypes suggestive of aneuploidy if no confirmatory genetic assessment was performed. Results of fetal and newborn genetic examining were adjudicated by two scientific geneticists, categorized as aneuploid or euploid, and classified according to the kind of abnormality.