Fourth-quarter 2013 worldwide product sales of $5.

Important strategic priorities to accelerate growth in these markets include continuing to build locally relevant portfolios across key therapeutic areas and tailoring regional commercial activities to each market. ‘In 2013, despite some challenges, we achieved our expectations for earnings development, including more than 100 basis factors of operating margin expansion,’ stated Miles D. Light, chairman and chief executive officer, Abbott. ‘In 2014, we are targeting another full year of double-digit ongoing earnings-per-share growth.’ About Abbott Abbott is a worldwide healthcare company specialized in improving lifestyle through the advancement of products and technologies that span the breadth of health care.Plus, they don’t have to get worried about taxes, debt spending, geopolitics or large metals within their food. For the most part, they enjoy life just, eating healthy food and making healthy infants. We ought to all be so lucky, eh?

ACE protein overexpression elevates immune responses and prevents Alzheimer’s-like cognitive decline Many people with high blood pressure are familiar with ACE inhibitors, drugs that widen arteries by limiting activity of ACE – angiotensin-converting enzyme – a naturally occurring protein within tissues throughout the body. But high activity of the enzyme – in the proper context, time and place – could be a good thing.