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Quite simply, the nationwide government knows full well the travel patterns of people coming to the U.S. From places like Liberia, Sierra Guinea and Leone but is stalling any sort of restrictions that would help protect Us citizens against infection. ‘When somebody travels in one of those three West African countries, also through a transit stage , we know where they’re coming from,’ stated Johnson. ‘So we’re able to track this. And we realize that typically it’s about 150 travellers a time.’ CDC’s Frieden: 150 people is not actually that many Although it technically just takes one contaminated person to result in a pandemic, the CDC’s Frieden believes that 150 potentially infected people planing a trip to the U.S. Each day isn’t really all that concerning. Up to date travel restrictions at a little couple of U.S.But they don’t need to compromise with high stylist living existence, they don’t desire to compromise with the populations and other things. Now, what will be the conclusion of this, nobody knows. What I think, if we play with character, it will play with us because we are dependent on nature rather than nature on us. What is POLLUTING OF THE ENVIRONMENT? POLLUTING OF THE ENVIRONMENT increases when unhealthy gases like nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur oxide, dust and additional unsafe material mix-up in the atmosphere. And it direct effect to human children with numerous disease like asthma specifically, cardiovascular disease, lung disease, cancers etc. It also affects plants and animals because all living factor dependent on Air. Ozone coating which is saving us from the dangerous ultra-violet rays is certainly destroying by Air pollution in fact it is also reason behind global warming.