Empathy is neither sympathy nor compassion.

They can ask colleagues for feedback on their empathy skills also. READ ON >> 4. Identify and address patients’ fears. Pharmacists will be the first health care professionals that patients approach often. As patients start to describe their symptoms, pharmacists can show empathy and listen to their fears carefully, which may cloud how patients share those symptoms. Drs. Coulehan and Block provided the example of a patient with abdominal discomfort who feels afraid that he could have stomach cancer because someone in his family passed away of it. These fears could cause the patient to magnify or minimize the symptom to be able to either ensure that a cancer medical diagnosis is considered or become reassured that it is not cancer.That is why the March of Dimes continues to support research on the causes of prematurity. Related StoriesLoyola pediatrician reveals signs and symptoms of childhood rashesNew UCLA study talks about primary care medical house in reducing childrens' repeat appointments to hospitalsOutreach program boosts completion of HPV vaccination series by teenagers in safety-net settingsAdditional time in the womb can improve the likelihood of survival for all premature infants, regardless of race or gender, Dr.