Community colleges.

The five regional consortia shall include 70 community colleges in total. Each college will generate nondegree training programs which can be finished in six months or less by people with suitable prior education and/or encounter. First year grant awards are approximated at $36 million. Yet another $34 million is available for year two financing of these programs after successful completion of a mid-project evaluation. Curriculum Development Center : The Curriculum Development Centers will develop educational materials for key wellness IT topics to be utilized by the users of the Community College Consortia program. The materials may also be made available to institutions of advanced schooling across the country. One of the centers will receive additional assistance to act as the National Schooling and Dissemination Center for the curriculum materials.‘We are deeply alarmed.’ DeMoro stated the nurses who had come forward were afraid to reveal their identities ‘due to a culture of danger in the hospitals.’ Tuesday night, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital issued a statement in response to the nurses’ charges, saying, employee and ‘patient safety is our greatest concern and we take compliance very seriously.’ The hospital insisted that ‘numerous steps’ were set up ‘to provide a safe working environment, including mandatory annual training and a 24-7 hotline and various other mechanisms that enable anonymous reporting.’ But also on Tuesday, the country’s top disease-fighting agency acknowledged that federal health experts didn’t do all they should have done to prevent Ebola from spreading in Dallas when and after Duncan was admitted.