Chronic headaches or other neurological problems.

Blows to the relative head, falls, or sudden deceleration from automobile accidents can cause axonal accidental injuries. In a pilot research, Bazarian investigated whether a new type of brain scan known as Diffusion Tensor Imaging , a powerful type of the well-known MRI, could detect axonal damage from a injury. He studied the DTI scans of six people with mild concussions, and compared them to six scans of non-injured brains. Indeed, the DTI showed delicate axon swelling, which may occur when the axons are over-stretched. The axonal swelling correlated with the patients who were having trouble processing info or remembering things as well as before the damage.This would lessen dread among civilians and cops. In the end, weapons of war do not belong on America’s streets, as president Obama would state. That means the Pentagon should recall all of the weapons of war that they have distributed to police forces across the country in recent years. Police permitted to play the function of aggressive army men are quick to take orders, without questioning their very own moral common sense. Eight: A more proactive step to get rid of police abuse would be to adopt civil rights accountability organizations in each county. Essentially, these sets of people would be well-versed in Constitutional rights and would represent the people, determining whether police violated life, liberty, real estate or privacy during traffic stops or house phone calls.