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ASG-5ME is an antibody-drug conjugate targeting the SLC44A4 antigen and has been co-developed by both companies for the treating solid tumors. There is normally significant need for new prostate tumor therapies, given that a lot more than 32,000 males are anticipated to die of prostate malignancy this year 2010, stated Leonard Reyno, M.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Agensys. We believe ASG-5ME, which can be an ADC designed to deliver the potent cytotoxic agent MMAE right to tumor cells, gets the potential to provide a fresh therapeutic option for males with advanced prostate malignancy.‘We’ve an imperative to find out about the potency of 1 % tenofovir gel, the product tested in CAPRISA 004. If the results are confirmed, we right now have an incredible opportunity to translate a medical trial result into general public health effect – – and we should not miss it,’ stated Mitchell Warren, AVAC executive director. Several key decision makers met recently in South Africa to develop a comprehensive study agenda to build on the results of the CAPRISA 004 microbicide gel trial. At that meeting, public health officials, experts, and regulators relocated with remarkable speed to build up a consensus strategy that calls for a couple of studies aimed at confirming the CAPRISA 004 results and developing implementation strategies. ‘An idea is normally in place to go the research forward, and funders and policy makers must today move quickly make sure that it could be implemented as quickly as possible,’ Warren added.