AMICAS announces new contract with Asheville Radiology Associates AMICAS.

AMICAS Financials, a Windows-based solution, provides CashFinder Worklists to automate radiology billing. AMICAS Dashboards, a Web-based business intelligence system, provides radiology practices with actionable data for analysis and resource allocation decisions. AMICAS Patient Solutions and AMICAS Payer Providers carries a suite of transactional providers designed to dramatically reduce the time it takes for radiology organizations to convert receivables into cash while reducing their total cost of procedures. We are worked up about our partnership with Asheville Radiology, which is a leading practice in North Carolina, stated Stephen Kahane MD, president, ceo, and chairman of AMICAS.It has got vitality formula to improve stamina, lovemaking desire and strength. It provides essential nutrients to improve your reproductive organs. In addition, it improves blood supply to the man organ for improving and rejuvenating performance. It also ensures sufficient oxygen for proper functioning of your reproductive organs. It has got 100 percent natural ingredients and high quality organic extracts like Shilajit, Vidarikand, Ashwagandha, Salabmisri and Safed Musli to improve your stamina, power and energy naturally.