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Depression can cause people to appear slow, forgetful or confused. In these situations, symptoms of dementia might improve with treatment for the underlying disease. Ways to protect the mind: Lowering cholesterol or blood circulation pressure levels might help thwart the buildup of plaques in arteries and can help prevent stroke, one of the major causes of vascular dementia. Some extensive study provides indicated that statin drugs, which help lower cholesterol, can help lower dementia risk. Additional protecting strategies include keeping the mind active, being physically and socially energetic and eating a diet plan rich in fruits, vegetables and omega-3 essential fatty acids found in certain fish and nuts.Washington, D.C., gets the highest breast cancers mortality rate in the U.S. Registering for the Komen National Race offers residents an opportunity to make a direct effect on breast cancer analysis, education, screening and treatment in the community. La Clinica del Pueblo, a 2003 grant recipient, provides free, culturally sensitive medical and health services in the local Latin community and is just one example of how the Komen National Competition is helping create a healthier community in Washington, D.C. The rest of the net proceeds support cutting-edge breast cancer analysis through the Komen Foundation Award and Study Grant Program, with a true quantity of grantees in Maryland, Washington and Virginia, D.C. This year, the program awarded a lot more than $32 million in grants to aid these and other important breast cancer studies.