Akebia completes AKB-6548 Phase 2 research for anemia in CKD patients Akebia Therapeutics.

‘We believe AKB-6548 can offer patients a treatment option that mimics the body’s natural response to hypoxia, including erythropoietin production in a highly controllable way and a well-coordinated iron response. These are key attributes that are unavailable with today’s standard of treatment. Subjects were randomized into 5 different dosing groupings, and AKB-6548 was administered on an outpatient basis once daily for 42 days orally. The analysis enrolled 93 topics at multiple sites in the United States. The results show a highly significant, dose-responsive increase in hemoglobin and general red blood cell creation.Led by the American Legacy Base, the scheduled program targets groups that continue to smoke at higher rates. People in Washington can receive free of charge quit support by phoning the toll-free of charge Tobacco Quit Line. In April Since the new federal government tobacco tax took effect, the quit series has had an unprecedented amount of calls. Callers speak with a trained quit trainer who works with them to identify cigarette smoking triggers, provides information regarding dealing with withdrawal symptoms, helps develop a personal plan to quit, and sends a packet of quit materials.