Accommodating patients might help reduce racial health disparities.

Accommodating patients might help reduce racial health disparities, improve patient satisfaction: Study What if a crisis room patient wants a different doctor than the one who reports to their examination room? If the individual is a woman or a racial minority, emergency physicians are more likely to honor their demand to see a medical expert of their same gender, race or religious history. The scholarly study led by the University of Michigan Health Program, along with colleagues from the University of University and Rochester of Pennsylvania, showed Muslim patients were the probably to have their request accommodated. It could be that minorities and females will make a doctor request, but when patients ask, female physicians are even more supportive than male physicians Más .

Customer engagement is a right part of this, but not a principal driver necessarily, said Leigh Donoghue, controlling director of Accenture's wellness business in Australia. This might need rethinking in light of the significant gap between doctor and customer attitudes towards electronic usage of medical records, particularly for younger, technology-savvy consumers . The patient survey also revealed the majority of Australian patients usually do not actively monitor aspects of their health, such as for example health indicators, health background and physical activity. This finding was significantly higher than in other surveyed countries, as nearly fifty % of patients across all nine-countries surveyed say they do not actively track these areas of their health.