A MRSA Survivors Network event.

3M announces group of educational events to overcome healthcare-associated infections As a firm on a mission to help hospitals fight healthcare-associated infections , 3M Infection Avoidance today announced a series of educational events taking place the week of September 27. The week will kick off with a company-hosted Infection Avoidance Leadership Summit and culminate in Globe MRSA Day, a MRSA Survivor’s Network event, during which 3M will sponsor the live Webcast of the day’s activities generic cymbalta . ‘During the last year, we have made a number of strategic investments that provide hospitals with total answers to their infection prevention needs.

3M announces option of TLR compounds for nonvaccine use in pharmaceutical industry 3M announces the availability of immune response modifier compounds for nonvaccine use in the pharmaceutical industry. The toll-like receptor compounds, that activate through TLR8 and TLR7, show guarantee for the treating conditions including cancers, dermatologic illnesses and atopic diseases, such as for example asthma and allergy. These substances possess the potential to greatly help patients that suffer from a number of disease states making them an extremely valuable device to the pharmaceutical industry said Tag Tomai, PhD, Director of Vaccine Business Development at 3M Drug Delivery Systems.