A good education and simply no ciggies and you will live to 85!

Of the 5,820 original study participants, 2451, or 42 percent, survived to age 85, and 655 individuals, or 11 percent, reached that age group without suffering serious health problems such as heart disease, cancers, or diabetes. The scholarly study is published in the current issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.. A good wife, a good grip, a good education and simply no ciggies and you will live to 85!! Relating to a long-term study which was conducted more than a 40 year period, being among the most significant elements influencing longevity in men were a strong grasp, a wife, not smoking and a good education. Dr. Bradley J. Willcox and colleagues of the Pacific Health Research Institute and Kuakini INFIRMARY in Honolulu, examined potential biological, way of living and sociodemographic risk factors present at middle-age to identify risk factors for healthful survival.And, in a world where Alzheimer’s affects about 10 % of people over 65 with just as much as half of those over 85 battling with the disease, new targets for therapy are good news undoubtedly.

Access to healthcare for each and every American is an extended overdue reality: NMA The National Medical Association is anxious to see health reform put to a vote on Saturday. We believe that is lengthy overdue for America, said Dr. Willarda Edwards, President of the National Medical Association . The NMA, the country’s largest membership corporation for African American doctors, officially supports both H.R.