40 percent of food stamp recipients obese.

40 percent of food stamp recipients obese; SNAP individuals buy more soda, fewer vegetables and fruits Most Americans are fairly generous and mindful that not everyone has the same financial opportunities as they do. Therefore, many people are generally supportive of so-called ‘social safety net’ programs that help the poorest among us. However, many Us citizens are also supportive of changes in public policy linked to those programs if they are needed, so when the country’s meals assistance programs are creating complications in other areas of assistance – – like publicly funded healthcare – – then it’s time to make some changes.Surveys present the American people wish wellness reform. Making healthcare affordable, expanding access to care, improving just how insurance functions and strengthening health security are common issues among voters that bill addresses. And this week is normally Cover the Uninsured Week, which raises knowing of the 46 million Americans, including more than 9 million kids, who don’t have wellness insurance. There is absolutely no better time for Congress to advance health reform. Cover the Uninsured Week may be the right time for action. APHA applauds congressional leaders when planning on taking up this critically important effort and urges Congress to complete the job. .

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