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‘Forty-two % of Muslim Arabs believe that their religion isn’t respected by mainstream culture, compared to 11 % of Christian Arabs and Chaldeans just,’ said Princeton University political scientist Amaney Jamal, a member of the study team. ‘When asked whether they worry even more since September 11 about the continuing future of their families in the U.S, 58 % of Muslims said they do, weighed against 31 % of Christians.’ Among the study’s additional key results: Although three-quarters of the Arabs and Chaldeans surveyed had been born overseas and immigrated to the U.S.S. Citizens. Most are bilingual and 80 % speak English well or very well. Eighty-six % state they feel at home in the U.S.Among previously untreated sufferers who received three direct-acting brokers with ribavirin, relapse after treatment occurred in 12 percent, 1 percent, and 2 percent of sufferers randomly assigned to 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 24 weeks of therapy, respectively. Non-e of these patients got virologic breakthrough. Among sufferers who hadn’t had a response to prior therapy and who received this regimen, there have been no relapses among sufferers treated for 12 weeks or for 24 weeks; 7 percent and 2 percent of the sufferers, respectively, experienced virologic breakthrough. A 24-week duration of therapy, as compared with a 12-week duration, had not been associated with a rise in the rate of sustained virologic response, among either previously untreated patients or patients who had not had a response to prior therapy .